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Datura Designs is a small landscape design and construction company located in Oakland, California and working in the Bay Area and Napa Valley.  We specialize in building modern, creative outdoor spaces that bring the comfort of your home to the outdoors.

Whether you want a functional outdoor kitchen, natural stone patio, exotic and beautiful edible garden, or more traditional landscape, We approach each design with the care and individual attention it deserves.  Our planting plans are varied and unique. From food production to low-water landscapes based on native California ecosystems, we work with your needs and budget.

We believe that the best design comes from the natural world and strive to emulate it whenever possible. We know that low water species, systems that reuse gray water, and water catchment systems can save you thousands of dollars a year. We know how to work with you to create a space that you will be proud of, comfortable in, and inspired by.




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